Australian High Commission
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Recruitment at the Australian High Commission, Ghana


Thank you for considering a career with the Australian High Commission, Ghana.

The Australian High Commission is the official representative of the Australian Government in Ghana. We provide a range of services to the general public, including consular, passport, visa and immigration, citizenship and cultural relations services. We also act on behalf of various Australian Government authorities by representing Australia's interests to local, regional and multilateral government and business organisations in Ghana.

Employment at the High Commission is determined by an open, merit-based selection process. To be eligible for selection, all candidates must satisfy the essential selection criteria and meet any security clearance requirements. The Selection Advisory Committee (SAC) forms an integral component of our selection process, creating a fair and consistent recruitment process. The SAC will recommend a merit ranking of all interviewed eligible candidates.

The Recruitment and Selection Process

All positions advertised at the Australian High Commission, Ghana have a Job Description setting out the responsibilities and tasks of the job and a Selection Criteria describing the key competencies, skills, and/or qualifications required to perform in the position.

Resumes are reviewed based on the applicant’s skills, qualifications and relative suitability to the role. Those applicants considered most suitable are contacted for interview.

A Selection Panel is formed, comprised of three Australian High Commission staff members across different departments, who are responsible for selection decisions. The Job Description and Selection Criteria are used as a benchmark for assessing applications. All engagements are the result of merit-based selection processes. During the recruitment process the following criteria are assessed and considered:

1. Relative suitability of the candidate for the duties;

2. Candidates' work-related abilities and qualifications, as required for the position; and

3. Capacity of the candidate to achieve outcomes related to the duties;


We appreciate that feedback is useful and assists candidates in the development of future applications.

Feedback may be provided to shortlisted candidates after interviews have been conducted and a decision has been made. Unfortunately, due to the number of applications received for each position, it is not always possible to give feedback on applications that were not shortlisted.

Overseas Applicants, Please Note the Following

The Australian High Commission Ghana will not be responsible for any costs incurred when applying for a Ghana visa, relocation costs, nor the return of the staff member and family to their country of origin at the end of the contract. Any and all relocation costs are at the expense of the officer, including travel, personal effects, and accommodation in Ghana.

The Australian High Commission, Ghana is not able to provide advice or accept any liability regarding individual taxation obligations. Applicants are responsible for determining what their own individual taxation obligations may be with respect to employment with an Australian mission overseas, including the impact of any relevant tax treaties.

Information on Australian taxation can be obtained from the Australian Taxation Office or a qualified independent Australian tax agent.